NWL: The Market Adjusted Total Score (MATS) at Sept. 26th, 2018


Company High last 3 Yrs Current Price Dividend paid Percent of High Added Value (if >50 % discount from High last 3 Years) Financial Score Total Score S&P, Percent of High Market Discount Market Adjusted Total Score Date
NWL 54,89 20,54 0,23 37,8 12,2 132,4 150,6 99,1 49,1




Editable Excel spreadsheet: NWL-9-26-2018 (Click “Open in Excel Online” after clicking the link)

MATS for NWL at Sept. 26th 2018: 175,2 (Financial score: 150,6 + Market discount: 24,6).

With a net working capital (NWC) of $ 16 804 000 USD (all numbers in thousands) and a market cap value of $ 9 705 000 USD, NWC exceeds market cap value with 73,1 %. This results in such a high Financial score: EY: 4,9 + ROIC: 4,4 + adjustment for NWC (50+73,1=123,1), totally 132,4. Plus an adjustment of 18,3 points for having more than 50 % discount from three-year-highest stock price = total financial score of 150,6.

Please open the above Excel link for making your own adjustments (then click “Open in Excel online” to make it editable). You can change the different parameters in the document (e.g. the current stock price or the financial score) to see how it affects the MATS. This document will be useful until next quarter financial results are ready, then the Financial score will need to be adjusted. It is then recommended to order an updated MATS.

Please note: Changes in the Financial score may occur in the meantime also, since it partly is affected by the Enterprise Value. These updates are done weekly by request for paying customers.

The “Market Adjusted Total Score” (MATS) consists of two different scores (price discounts): The first one is a financial score based on the latest available quarterly results. The second score adjusts for the difference between present stock price and its three-year highest price level, which shows the eventual market discount for this specific stock (including an adjustment vs the S&P 500 Index). The scores are added together and this results in the MATS.

– The average MATS score for the FAANG stocks at the end of July: 40,5
(FAANG is an acronym for the five most popular tech giants in the US stock
markets: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google).
– The average MATS for the highest ranked stocks at the end of June: 81,4
(from my Top Stock Bargains Watch Lists).

It is interesting to notice that Newell Brands Inc. (NWL) with a Market Adjusted Total Score of 175 would have qualified for the Top Bargains Watch List and been among the top five companies (from my last list at the end of June with UIS getting the top score of 445 points).

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