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Founder of Stock Bargains
MATS Portfolios ending Q3 – Performance of the Undervalued Stocks

How do the value companies perform versus the market? Applying value investing principles, refining the results from the Magic Formula Investing screener, I have come up with these results so far this year. Here you can take a look at the four portfolios established at the beginning of every quarter, including a new portfolio for […]

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October 2018 – Top Stock Bargains Watch List

 The average Market Adjusted Total Score (MATS) by Oct. 8th: 90,7 As always, I run the Magic Formula Investing screener to pick the 50 top companies with a minimum market cap of 300 Mill. USD. I intentionally exclude companies above 8.000 Mill. USD (the watch list is limited to small/medium cap companies). This month (by October 8th) the screener provided a portfolio […]

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MATS Strategy – Top Stock Bargains Performance Year-to-Date (per May 31st, 2018)

CONCLUSION SO FAR THIS YEAR: MATS Portfolio beating US Markets with 9,3 % Overall Performance from January 5th (portfolio established) until May 31st: MATS Portfolio: + 7,9 % S&P 500 Index: – 1,4 % This is the fourth edition of the development of the MATS Strategy so far this year. You’ll find earlier editions here: MATS Strategy […]

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