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About AsgeirHi everybody, I am Asgeir and I have been a big fan of value investing for several years now. It all started when I first read the book of Joel Greenblatt “The Little Book that (still) beats the Market”. Before that I used different well known models and technical analysis in my stock and trading research for many years. Using those models brought me both gains and losses, with more or less success. I went on and off with trading both shares and stock options, but over time I realized that the transaction costs of trading simply ate more and more of my trading capital. Sounds familiar?

Over the years, I have learned this one most important thing when it comes to investments and trading in the stock market: Keep it simple, and stick to it! But what the heck does that mean..?! What simple thing should you stick to? Well, that is the reason I have established Stock Bargains..

So.. Why Stock Bargains?

It is a privilege for me to provide you with valuable material and content, so that you in an easy way will be able to know “how and when to invest in what”. And not at least, explaining why you should do exactly that. I will provide you with useful tools to spot the top undervalued stocks in the US markets. And even get your favourite stocks ranked as well. In this way you become a true value investor. Which also means, most likely, that you will be a highly successful investor!

To point it out, this is not a site developed for the “I want to become rich today”-people. I guess we all would like that, but to be honest, I have not yet seen a model or a method delivering those kind of fast results. Therefore, you need to give your investments some time to develop and grow, at times as much as a year. But if you do so (many people are not patient enough), the results may greatly surpass your expectations.

As you read this, you may think of something that you want to ask or share with me, well please do, I am thankful for every kind of feed back that can make me and this site improve and be better. Please write me an e-mail. I greatly appreciate your opinions. If you don’t want to write me an e-mail, please make a comment here on the web site. You are also heartly welcome to take part in a discussion here at Stock Bargains.

Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck in your value investing future!



Founder of Stock Bargains

E-mail: support@stockbargains.net